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    Fraser Suites Queen’s Gate is a Green Tourism Hotel

    Being a hotel that can provide the same level of commitment to being an eco-friendly business as we can do the luxury our guests enjoy is important to us. It’s a big responsibility for any business, regardless of what industry they’re in, to provide solutions that make the business greener.

    Tourism is one area where improvements can always be made, and at Fraser Suite Queen’s Gate, we wanted to be proactive in making the company as green as possible. That’s why we enlisted the help of Green Tourism to examine and certify the hotel.

    They recently awarded Fraser Suites Queen’s Gate with bronze level status.

    What is Green Tourism? 

    Green Tourism is a UK scheme aimed at helping those in the tourism sector see how environmentally friendly their businesses are and find ways to make improvements that make the business eco-friendlier.

    Recognition of a business being accredited by Green Tourism helps tourists who are looking to stay in what would be deemed as a responsible hotel find appropriate accommodation.

    Green Tourism is unique in that they independently carry out the application process and review before letting you know their findings and if a business can automatically be granted status.

    In our case, Fraser Suites Queen’s Gate was awarded bronze status on our first inspection, something which we are delighted with as part of our on-going efforts to be greener. 

    What factors determine whether Fraser Suites Queen’s Gate is a Green Tourism hotel?

    Factors we were assessed on include:

    • Mindful waste reduction
    • Responsible water usage
    • Energy efficiency
    • Promotion of local bio-diversity

    With our commitment to lowering waste and our recommendations to visit the like of Hyde Park just around the corner, we’re providing a meaningful effort to be green for guests.

    How did Fraser Suites Queen’s Gate achieve a bronze rating?

    Before getting in touch with Green Tourism, we were looking at ways to lower waste and improve energy usage. Beyond the obvious steps, the accessors from Green Tourism helped highlight several ways we were acting responsibly and accredited us with Bronze status as a result.

    Does the rating affect the average stay at Fraser Suites Queen’s Gate?

    Our rating does not affect the experience guests have at the hotel. Our only hope is that you’ll be happy to stay in a hotel that you know is working hard to be environmentally responsible.

    What improvements can Fraser Suites Queen’s Gate take towards being more environmentally responsible?

    Now that we know what changes need to be made, we are hoping to introduce measures that could see us get a silver or gold status a few years from now.